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Country Creatives is a podcast for and about the incredible creative people living throughout our regional areas, who are traversing the many stages of creating a business around what they love and getting paid for it. Whether you are in the early stages of your creative endeavour or already further down your creative path, join Caleb Maxwell (Hebron Films) and Reece Hendy (Nacho Station) as they interview thriving creatives from across the creative sphere about their success stories and helpful failures. Caleb and Reece also throw in nuggets of wisdom from their own creative business journeys to keep you inspired and moving forward. Brought to you by the Emporium Creative Hub.

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3 days ago

Thomas McCarthy is putting the power of film finance directly into the hands of the audience and filmmakers with his game changing startup Jub Jub.
If you are a filmmaker, a film lover, a champion of the arts, a creative entrepreneur, a start up business operator or anything in between then this is an episode of Country Creatives you don't want to miss.
Explore how Thomas who has worked extensively across the industry as a filmmaker both independent and with industry behemoths such as Industrial Light and Sound,  is now poised to launch an app that has the potential to completely disrupt how films are financed and consumed.  There are some dense insights into how Tom has approached his start up that are required listening if you are considering exploring your own,  and some very inspiring talk on how Jub Jub will enable diverse voices on film to have a viable platform and audience. Strap in!

Monday May 22, 2023

It was only a matter of time before Alice Edy and Jessamy Gee, the talented Melbourne based artists and presenters of The Imposter Syndrome Club Podcast, and our very own Reece Hendy and Caleb Maxwell of Country Creatives Podcast got together in a room for a far reaching chat about the tricky act of juggling multiple creative balls simultaneously, the vulnerability of putting your creative work into the world and more. 
Recorded live in front of a studio audience at the Emporium Creative Hub, creative dynamos Jessamy, Alice, Reece and Caleb, draw on their collective wisdom to bring a thoughtful, lively discussion on defining your creative self, doing meaningful creative work and setting yourself up to thrive despite sometimes feeling like a total imposter.
Tune in now for a tune up of your creative spark.

Episode 029: Jimmy Buscombe

Monday May 08, 2023

Monday May 08, 2023

Jimmi Buscombe from Warnambool in Victoria's South West, is a stunning visual artist with an array of impressive large scale mural work in his catalogue.  In this episode Reece Hendy talks with Jimmi about his transition from full-time chef to full-time artist, which opens up some really interesting conversation around taking risks and seizing opportunities (even when it's out of your comfort zone), capitalising on becoming a surprise viral sensation (anyone for 60+million views?!), sharing your expertise with other regional creatives and some nuanced thoughts around the tricky question what makes good public art  There is a lot to take in during this episode, so settle in for an incredibly satisfying chat.

Episode 028: Justin Balmain

Monday Apr 24, 2023

Monday Apr 24, 2023

Justin Balmain is a regionally based multi-disciplined artist who has cultivated an engaging creative process driven by a deep inquisitiveness.  Reece Hendy, who is minus Caleb in the hosting seat for this episode, uncovers Justin’s path from painter to his current work in long form art video work and in particular a project that began when Justin read a chance paragraph in a book that then took him to France to uncover the interesting story of a haunted object, through to the creation of a complex video work that has involved Justin scriptwriting, directing and editing in new and challenging ways.  Listen in now to uncover this Country Creative doing highly innovative and inspiring creative work.

Episode 027: Andre Sardone

Monday Apr 10, 2023

Monday Apr 10, 2023

Joining Caleb and Maxwell in this latest episode is Country Creatives number 1 fan Andre Sardone who, when he’s not listening to the podcast and giving valuable feedback and cheerleading to the team,  is a successful sculpture artist who has produced thought provoking public art works alongside small intimate works from his studio in a bush setting of Bendigo Victoria. 
This lively chat explores Andre’s journey from full time tradie to full time artist, his refreshingly honest take on building and sustaining creative business, his creative process integrating sustainability and nature,  and the phenomenally challenging balancing act of making stuff because you want to explore creative itches versus making stuff because you have to pay the bills.
With so much to think about in this episode, you may want to head out into nature and listen whilst on a long walk- just like Andre! Enjoy.

Monday Mar 27, 2023

You might be a creative who currently hires other people to work inside your business, you may be considering expanding your team in the near future or perhaps you hadn't even considered additional hands on deck before?  Wherever you find yourself in the staffing game, this episode is going to get you thinking about what staffing situation can best help you nurture and grow your creative career.
Caleb & Reece sort out your full timers from your casuals, your freelancers from your outsourcers and all the variations in between.  Using real examples from their respective businesses alongside the processes they've developed to make the whole process a breeze, the Country Creatives will hand you a strong set of starting points for when and why to hire people, who is going to be the best person for the job and specifically how to find and onboard your dream team.

Episode 025: Harry Morton

Monday Mar 13, 2023

Monday Mar 13, 2023

When Reece and Caleb speak to a successful podcast producer about podcasting inside the Country Creatives podcast- it's a recipe to get very meta!  This addictively interesting chat is with Harry Morton, CEO of the podcasting production company Lower Street, who have worked with some of the biggest international brands to create a stable of successful podcasts.  Harry brings a wealth of knowledge, not only about the podcast industry and some key considerations if you are thinking of stepping in front of the mic yourself, but also valuable insight into the way he has navigated growth from a sole trader to heading up a company of 20+ employees and how he is able to do all of this from a regional town outside of London with 100% remote team dialling in from around the world.  He even graces Caleb and Reece with a bit of feedback on Country Creatives.

Monday Feb 27, 2023

Caleb and Reece have reconvened to bring you a brand new episode for 2023.  The duo are catching up on where they find themselves in business and life which instigates a great discussion on embracing different seasons in your creative journey.  They explore where opportunities for career growth might be hiding in plain sight, figuring out which opportunities to pick up or put down and how you might integrate them into your ever-changing creative career.  

Monday Feb 13, 2023

Reece & Caleb are revisiting the tricky business of difficult conversation in a work environment in this encore episode of Country Creatives.If you struggle with asking your clients 'what is your budget?'. If you find it hard to put boundaries in when they ask you 'for just a little change', if you find your ego in the drivers seat when a client doesn't like the work you deliver, or when a project simply all goes a bit awry and you need to pick up the pieces pronto, then this episode is for you. Using real life situations from their own creative careers, Reece and Caleb unpack communication fails and troubleshoot how to ensure better outcomes as well as sharing their key strategies and scripts for all too common pitfalls when navigation the client/creative relationship.
The link to the book referenced by Reece in the episode can be found at:

Monday Jan 30, 2023

In this encore episode Caleb and Reece are revisiting a chat they had with Bendigo creative on the rise Lauren Starr.  This talk occurred just before Lauren took out Australia's richest art prize so tune in to get some incredible motivation and inspiration from this incredible prize winning creative.
Lauren discusses how Bendigo has influenced her art and the creative goldmine that she has found in embracing her shadow side. There is also some great insight into how Lauren has struck a fantastic balance between artist and day job until she is ready to make the flip to full-time and she also gives Reece and Caleb the scoop on what creative adventures lie just on the horizon.

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